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Pets are people, too! At Valencia Veterinary Center, we put your pet first. At our full-service animal hospital in Santa Clarita, we offer wellness care for cats, dogs, and pocket pets, advanced and emergency veterinary care for cats and dogs, and canine rehabilitation therapy for dogs.

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What Sets Us Apart -The Valencia Veterinary Difference

We are proud to be AAHA certified and the only pet hospital in Southern California equipped with both emergency pet services as well as canine rehabilitation and stem cell therapy. Our devoted team of veterinarians are always seeking innovative technology and methods to give our patients the healthiest and happiest lives possible. There’s no need to worry when your pets are with us – at Valencia Veterinary Center, your pets are in great hands.



Wellness Exams

Preventative care will help your pet enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life.


Pet vaccines are among the easiest, safest, and most effective ways to safeguard the health of your pets.

Spay & Neuters

Our experienced veterinarians at Valencia Veterinary Center, recommend spaying or neutering all pets that are not intended for breeding.


We always do our best to recommend the least invasive treatments that will still be effective for all of our patients.


Boost your pet’s long term health and happiness with veterinary dental care.

Senior Pet Care

At Valencia Veterinary Center, our veterinarians give your pets the specialized care they need as they age.

X-Rays & Ultrasounds

X-rays and ultrasounds are two types of radiology that veterinarians use as diagnostic imaging tools.

Internal Medicine

We provide advanced diagnostic services and create specialized treatment plans for ill pets.



Canine Rehabilitation

Our veterinarians have years of experience in post-operative and post-traumatic injury rehabilitation, osteoarthritis management, and more.

Cold Laser Therapy

Our veterinarians can relieve your pet’s pain and heal their injuries using cold laser therapy.

Underwater Treadmill & Pool Therapy

Hydrotherapy is a holistic treatment modality used in both human physical therapy and canine rehabilitation.

Osteoarthritis Management

At our state-of-the-art facility, we use the best rehabilitation techniques to manage osteoarthritis in dogs.

Stem Cell Therapy

Whether your pet is injured or has a degenerative disease, stem cell therapy is an effective treatment option for animals.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Therapeutic ultrasound has the ability to decrease pain, increase blood flow, and expedite healing in dogs recovering from injury or disease.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

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Valencia Veterinary Center maintains the high standards set by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) and has been an AAHA-accredited hospital since 2010, making us one of the finest hospitals in the industry

Established in 1933 by veterinary leaders, AAHA sets “The Standard in Veterinary Medicine” by helping other veterinary professionals effectively deliver the best in animal care. The mission of AAHA is threefold

  1. To enhance the abilities of veterinarians to provide quality medical care to companion animals
  2. To enable veterinarians to successfully conduct their practices and maintain their facilities with high standards of excellence
  3. To meet the public’s needs as they relate to the delivery of small animal veterinary medicine
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