Canine Rehabilitation


Canine Rehabilitation

While pet surgery and medications can help to improve a pet’s mobility and reduce pain, they’re not always 100% effective or safe for long-term use. At Valencia Veterinary Center, we’re proud to provide dogs with canine rehabilitation which includes a set of holistic treatment modalities and therapies that are safe, non-invasive, and designed to manage pain and accelerate healing while addressing a variety of disorders in dogs.

What Is Canine Rehabilitation?

Canine rehabilitation is similar to physical therapy for humans – and even uses some of the same treatment modalities – but it is adapted specifically to treating dogs. Canine rehabilitation takes a holistic approach to treatment that is often used in conjunction with orthopedic surgery and medication.

Canine rehabilitation and its various treatments and therapies can reduce swelling and pain following surgery or an injury while accelerating the healing process. It can also correct physiological imbalances, restore range of motion, and increase strength.

Canine physical therapy is an appropriate course of treatment for dogs suffering from a variety of musculoskeletal issues, neurological problems, and who are recovering from surgery or traumatic injury. 


Canine Rehab Services Available at Valencia Veterinary Center

Our canine rehab specialists use a variety of treatment modalities and therapies to assist dogs with both post-operative recovery and post-traumatic injury rehabilitation. Canine rehabilitation also provides a safe long-term alternative to pain medications in the management of chronic pain and chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis and a variety of neuromuscular diseases.

Canine Rehabilitation Treatment Modalities

Does My Dog Need Canine Rehabilitation?

If your dog is recovering from surgery, has been injured, or suffers from chronic pain, then he or she could benefit greatly from canine rehabilitation. While not every dog requires the full list of services, most will find great relief and accelerated healing after receiving just one or two treatment modalities.

How Long Until My Dog Experiences Results?

Although every pet’s body responds differently to rehabilitation, most dogs experience at least some relief immediately following their treatment or therapy sessions, depending on the type of treatment modalities applied. For dogs recovering from surgery or an injury, they should experience almost immediate relief with a quick physical response. Other dogs suffering from chronic pain and conditions like osteoarthritis will experience both immediate and sustained relief, but will likely require ongoing rehabilitation sessions to maximize the benefits. 

Schedule a Canine Rehab Consultation with Our Valencia Veterinarians

If your dog could benefit from canine rehabilitation, we welcome you to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians in Valencia. We’ll examine your dog, talk with you about their symptoms, and work with you develop a unique treatment plan customized to help your pet achieve optimal wellness.