Animals aren’t able to describe how they feel, report new symptoms, or alert us when they feel sick. As a result, a physical examination often doesn’t provide veterinarians with enough information to diagnose and treat a pet’s underlying condition, illness, or injury. This is where diagnostic testing comes in. With in-house diagnostic tests and imaging, our veterinarians are able to swiftly reach accurate diagnoses of our patients and administer prompt, effective treatments.


Veterinary Diagnostic Services in Valencia


Laboratory Tests

With our state-of-the-art in-house laboratory, we’re able to offer our patients accurate blood panels, urinalysis, and fecal testing, which helps our veterinarians evaluate our patients’ organ function, immune system, digestive system, endocrine system, and more. 


Veterinarians can see inside our patients’ bodies with advanced diagnostic imaging including x-rays and ultrasounds. 


With its small camera on the end of a long tube, an endoscope enables veterinarians to examine a pet’s digestive system. 


By measuring and detecting the electric signals in a pet’s heart, we can diagnose a variety of cardiovascular ailments. 

Diagnostics for Routine Health Screenings and Chronic Disease Management

Veterinarians don’t always wait for a pet to show symptoms before ordering diagnostic tests. Blood panels, urinalyses, and fecal exams can be incredibly useful tools when it comes to screening pets for early signs of illness. We typically recommend testing puppies and kittens in addition to screening senior pets for signs of disease. Regular health screening allows us to detect signs of illness and administer prompt treatment before symptoms have a chance to develop. 

In addition, routine diagnostics can be used to manage chronic conditions in pets like arthritis, diabetes, or endocrine disorders. Diagnostic testing helps us determine proper medication dosages and informs adjustments made to treatment plans as your pet’s condition changes over time.


In-House Diagnostic Testing for Valencia Pets

Valencia Veterinary Center offers patients the convenience, speed, and accuracy of our complete in-house diagnostic testing capabilities. Whether your cat, dog, or pocket pet is in for a routine wellness exam or a sick pet appointment, our accurate pet diagnostics result in faster diagnoses, treatment, and relief.