Full-Service Pharmacy

Full-Service Pharmacy

Whether your pet has fallen ill, is recovering from surgery, or is managing a chronic condition, we recommend using Valencia Veterinary Center’s in-house, full-service pharmacy for fast and effective pet care. While our clients are always welcome to purchase medications elsewhere, our in-house pharmacy offers convenience, accuracy, high-quality medications, and service you can trust at a competitive price. 

Why We Recommend Using Our In-House Pharmacy


With Valencia Veterinary Center’s on-site pharmacy, pet owners not only benefit from the ease and convenience of picking up their pets’ medications before leaving the office, but they can also rest assured that their pets are receiving high-quality products.

The medications, nutritional supplements, parasite preventatives, prescription pet foods, and other pet supplies we keep stocked in our pharmacy are made from safe ingredients and materials, and they are sourced from only trusted manufacturers. In addition, we’re fully equipped to keep all of our products stored to manufacturer specifications at the proper room temperatures and humidity levels for maximum shelf stability and effectiveness. 

When you purchase your pet’s medications from our veterinary pharmacy, you’re guaranteed to receive the right medication at the proper dose that has been prescribed for your pet – no vital information will be lost in translation. 

Expert Instructions and Medication Administration Advice

At Valencia Veterinary Center, our pharmacy specialists truly care about the outcomes of our patients’ treatment. We’ll do everything we can to ensure your pet receives the medications and care needed to recover and stay healthy. We’re always available for demonstrations and to offer our advice regarding the administration of various medications.

If you struggle to successfully administer one form of medication (pills, liquids, etc.), we encourage you to ask our veterinary pharmacist about the possibility of receiving your pet’s medications in a different form. Whether compounded into another form of medication or administered in tasty pouches disguised as treats, our pharmacy specialists will take the stress of medicine for you and your pets. 

To learn more about filling your pet’s prescriptions and meeting their other medical needs at Valencia Veterinary Center, we welcome you to contact us today.