You share a special bond with your pet that simply cannot be replaced. When pets go missing – and millions of pets are lost each year – it can be incredibly stressful for pets and their owners. Unfortunately, without a microchip, the odds of being reunited with a missing pet are pretty slim. According to a study from the AVMA, cats without microchips were reunited 1.8% of the time (compared to 38.5% with microchips) and dogs without microchips were reunited 21.9% (compared to 52.2% with microchips).

ID tags often fall off or become unreadable. To increase your pet’s safety and security, our veterinarians at Valencia Veterinary Center recommend microchipping your pets before it’s too late. 

How Do Pet Microchips Work?

About the size of a grain of rice, a pet microchip is inserted by a veterinarian in a procedure that’s similar to a vaccination.

Each microchip contains a unique identification number. Pet owners are responsible for registering their pet’s ID number along with their contact information (and keeping it up to date) with a national microchipping registry.

If a pet is lost and turned into a veterinary clinic or animal shelter, your pet’s ID number will be read with a special RFID scanning device. The number can then be searched in a secure database to determine the pet owner’s contact information. The pet’s owner will then be contacted and reunited with their pet. 

Microchips aren’t only useful for lost pets; they can also prove ownership in the event your pet is stolen. 


Are Microchips Just for Cats and Dogs?

Just about any type of pet can get a microchip including dogs, cats, and pocket pets. 

Protect Your Pet: Schedule a Microchipping Appointment in Valencia

If your dog, cat, or pocket pet does not yet have a microchip in place, we strongly encourage you to schedule a microchipping appointment. Although no one plans to become separated from their pet, accidents can happen. If you’ve prepared your pet for the worst, you can rest easy knowing that you’ll be contacted as soon as someone finds your pet and brings them to safety.