Prescription Pet Food

Prescription Pet Food

For normal and healthy pets, a high-quality, nutritious diet is the best choice, and our veterinarians can help you select a well-balanced pet food brand and variety that can be found at a regular pet supply store to meet your pet’s normal needs. Some cats and dogs, however, will benefit greatly from receiving a modified diet of prescription pet food.


What Is Prescription Pet Food?

Prescription pet foods are specialized diets available to pets with a veterinarian’s prescription only. Prescription pet foods are designed to help pets who have been diagnosed with a wide range of conditions by meeting their unique dietary needs. While prescription pet foods aren’t medicine, they are a holistic method of treatment that focuses on giving a pet’s body the nutritional tools it needs to stay healthy. 

The Wonders of Nutrition: Could Prescription Pet Food Benefit Your Pet?

Pets in different life stages and those diagnosed with a variety of health conditions can benefit greatly from eating a modified, prescription diet. With specially formulated foods, prescription diets aim to help pets manage:

Depending on your pet’s age, medical history, current condition, and lifestyle, our veterinarians might recommend feeding your cat or dog a prescription diet. Some pets will also benefit from simply adding a regimen of high-quality nutritional supplements to your pet’s regular meals. 


Fill Your Pet's Food Prescription at Our Full-Service Pet Pharmacy

Valencia Veterinary Center’s full-service pet pharmacy is fully equipped to meet all your pet’s prescription needs including prescription pet foods, nutritional supplements, and medications. To learn more about feeding your pet a prescription diet, we welcome you to contact our pharmacy today.