Senior Pet Care

Senior Pet Care

At Valencia Veterinary Center, our veterinarians give your pets the specialized care they need as they age. Most people think that getting sick, suffering from pain, and experiencing diminished energy is a normal part of aging. Proper senior veterinary care, however, can help pets stay healthy, active, and happy while living out their golden years. 

Senior Pet Wellness Exams


Your senior pet requires specialized care that’s designed to keep them active and healthy. We recommend senior pets have two wellness exams per year to detect early signs of age-related disease, to effectively manage chronic pain, and to provide prompt treatment when needed. 

Routine Health Screenings

In addition to your senior pet’s physical examination, wellness appointments also include routine health screenings with our in-house diagnostic lab. We’ll run blood panels, urinalyses, and fecal tests to evaluate your pet’s organ function, catch early signs of age-related illness, and monitor ongoing health concerns. We might also recommend routine x-rays or ultrasounds to check on the state of your pet’s joints, organs, and other internal structures. 

Chronic Disease and Pain Management

As pets age, they become more susceptible to developing a whole host of medical problems, such as diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis, chronic pain, canine cognitive dysfunction, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, and more. 

Many of these conditions can be effectively managed with early detection and prompt treatment. At Valencia Veterinary Center, we offer patients an integrative approach to the treatment and management of chronic, age-related conditions. We create wellness plans for senior pets that include a combination of traditional treatments (such as surgery and medications) and more holistic approaches (including nutritional counseling, dietary supplements, cold laser therapy, and therapeutic ultrasound). With a wide variety of treatments available, we work with pet owners to determine the best plan for preserving their individual pet’s wellness. 


When to Schedule an Appointment for Your Senior Pet

In addition to two wellness exams per year, senior pet owners should bring in their pets anytime they notice behaviors or symptoms that are out of the ordinary. Changes in your pet’s routine, behavior, or appearance could indicate a health problem. 

Make Their Senior Years Golden with Aging Pet Care in Valencia

Once your pet enters the golden years, we recommend scheduling them for two wellness exams per year. If your senior pet is due for their checkup, we welcome you to schedule an appointment at our full-service veterinary clinic in Valencia today.