Wellness Exams

Preventative care will help your pet enjoy a longer, healthier, and happier life.


Pet vaccines are among the easiest, safest, and most effective ways to safeguard the health of your pets.

Spay & Neuters

Our experienced veterinarians at Valencia Veterinary Center, recommend spaying or neutering all pets that are not intended for breeding.


We always do our best to recommend the least invasive treatments that will still be effective for all of our patients.


Boost your pet’s long term health and happiness with veterinary dental care.

Senior Pet Care

At Valencia Veterinary Center, our veterinarians give your pets the specialized care they need as they age.

X-Rays & Ultrasounds

X-rays and ultrasounds are two types of radiology that veterinarians use as diagnostic imaging tools.

Internal Medicine

We provide advanced diagnostic services and create specialized treatment plans for ill pets.


Animals aren’t able to describe how they feel, report new symptoms, or alert us when they feel sick.

Full-Service Pharmacy

At Valencia Veterinary Center, our pharmacy specialists truly care about the outcomes of our patients’ treatment.

Prescription Pet Food

Prescription pet foods are specialized diets available to pets with a veterinarian’s prescription only.


Just about any type of pet can get a microchip including dogs, cats, and pocket pets.


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