Pet vaccines are among the easiest, safest, and most effective ways to safeguard the health of your pets. An essential component to your pet’s preventative care, vaccinations will prevent them from contracting and enduring some of the most dangerous, difficult to treat, and highly contagious diseases around. Plus, many of the infectious diseases that vaccines guard your pets against can also be transmitted to people. As a result, vaccinating your pets will protect the health of your human family members, too. 


Which Vaccines Does My Pet Need?

Vaccinations for cats and dogs are split into two categories called core vaccines and non-core vaccines. Core vaccinations include those required by law (like the rabies vaccine) and those typically recommended for all pets (like the distemper vaccine). Non-core vaccinations include vaccines that not all pets need. These vaccinations are recommended based on a pet’s lifestyle and exposure risk. For example, pets that frequent areas near wildlife or that visit boarding facilities might benefit from receiving additional, non-core vaccinations. 

Our veterinarians will recommend a combination of core and non-core vaccinations based on your pet’s lifestyle, environment, exposure risk, and health history. 

When to Vaccinate Your Pets

Puppies and kittens receive their first vaccines at around six to eight weeks of age. These initial vaccinations are followed by booster shots every three to four weeks for the first year. Adult pets then typically receive vaccine boosters every one to three years depending on the type of vaccines administered. 


Preventative Veterinary Care Appointments for Valencia Pets

Whether you’ve just brought home a new puppy or kitten or have a pet due for vaccine boosters, we welcome you to schedule a preventative care appointment. Our veterinarians at Valencia Veterinary Center will discuss your pet’s health history and lifestyle with you to establish an appropriate vaccination schedule. With a personalized set of vaccinations to safeguard your pet’s health, we’ll ensure your pet and family are protected from preventable contagious diseases.